On Ramp

This will include a few things…and they’re all awesome.

We want to talk to you and get some info on your history, are you dealing with any conditions? Any past injuries, etc.
Get a clear picture of your goals.
And then some time focusing on skill movements and what you’ll need to know to do the daily WODs.
We want to get you taking part in the WODs as soon and as safely as possible.

WOD (Workout Of the Day)

This is the basis and standard of our fitness program. Combining gymnastics (body weight movement) with multi-joint weightlifting, interval training, and aerobic training, we approach fitness as a contest against oneself.  We use movements that have functional application outside the gym; it is constantly varied so every day is new and engaging. Usually you’re doing this in class setting with other people. It’s fun, it’s inclusive, it’s supportive, and it’s motivating. (Completion or testing out of our On Ramp program is required to participate in the WOD).


This will be programming specifically for athletes looking to increase proficiency in the areas of Olympic weightlifting and Power Lifting, or looking to use these programs to increase in strength or power for the purposes of another sport or goal.


This is a specialized program using CrossFit methodology tailored toward endurance athletes. If you are an endurance athlete (or want to become one) and are looking for the most efficient way to add functional strength and increase your endurance capacity while avoiding injuries overwhelmingly common with LDS training, give this a shot and see what it can do for your performance.

Competitive Performance

This is a program we offer, at no extra charge, to athletes who want to compete in the sport of CrossFit. CrossFit for life and CrossFit as a sport are different things and require development in addition to the WOD. “Extras” will be added to the WOD that will help build the capacity and skills needed to compete, based on the athlete’s needs. Speak to any of our coaches to set this up.


On Ramp (4 sessions) – $100

$150 – unlimited classes
$120 – unlimited discount*
$250 – unlimited couples (2 people residing at the same physical address)

$120 – 3d/wk
$100 – 3d/wk discount*
$200 – 3d/wk couples (2 people residing at the same physical address)

*We honor our Students, Family/Couples (add $100 per person for every family member above 2), Active Military, Seniors, Fire and Law Enforcement to a discounted rate!

We also offer punch cards (punches do not expire. 1 punch = 1 visit)
$160 for 10 punches
$300 for 20 punches